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Plattfields got a full refurb! We got in there. We shredded

Ty is absolutely killing it at the mo.Watch his birthday footage remix. Its powerful.

feed the horse

ty tre

barney 8decks

horse picking up money

Val eating

ty back nose grind

barney fs180 me

jay long jump

Yesterday at Plattfields park Manchester. We had a lil get together. Beers, Burgers and board to board barrel jumps. Thanks to everyone who attended.
It was a lot of fun and pretty chilled. Lots of ill shit went down Barny page ollied me! haha and 8 decks.
Landshark Cookout pics reposted from Note Blog. Pictures By Jim Craven.
Cinchez head Shark

Picture 3

LANDSHARK AD web ting from Landshark crew Clothing on Vimeo.


Number 1 Party dude and Shark Fam member John Bell has a new Pro board out on Unabomber Skateboards. He’s been out killing it in as always. Pictured here in one our freshy Haole Bucket Hat (awkward 5.0 in Manchester).


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